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Live And Let Live – Living With Noise in a Condo Or Apartment Building


If you live in apartment block or even a condo you have to accept that you are not living in a non-attached dwelling. You are living adjacent and alongside other people. It a case of live and let live. Still there are acceptable levels and even times to the amount of sound and noise that any person or a family can and should tolerate and live with.

No question about it the amount and even quality of sound that a person will and can live with will vary depending on a range of factors ranging from your ability to mentally filter out and screen noise and noise levels, the building construction and sound proofing, the level of and types of noise generated and created and even the time of day or night that these loud or consistent sounds are created.

But what can you do to reduce or even learn to live alongside noisy neighbors – short of one of you moving out. First of all get to know your neighbors and neighborhood. If there are noisy neighbors in the area – they politely and tactfully do your best to make them aware of how their activities affect others. This is of course if they are considerate individuals who are not too self centered and know to think of and be considerate of others. Failing this strategy – then speak to other neighbors in the area – your floor and even the floors directly above and below- to see if the sounds and noise levels is bothering or affecting anyone else. There is safety in numbers so to speak.

If your neighbors are the considerate type who you can have a rational discussion with – then there is lots to talk about to take action for the better.

For example carpets can be laid down, stereo or TV equipment can be moved away from adjacent bedroom areas and shared walls, bass on stereo and electronics equipment can be turned down. In addition agreed hours on noisy activities can be agreed to. As an example you or your spouse may work during the day while the offenders themselves are at home. Hence let them make all the noise they want during those daylight hours when you are far away and obviously will not be disturbed by the loud noise and sounds.

In the end living adjacent to other people you have to realistically expect some noise to filter through the walls from time to time. It is a fact of life and you should expect a fair attitude yet adopt a live and let live precept as well.

Lastly if all else fails and you have worked down your way down past all rational options and discussions – you can always approach management in the building, or the professional managers of your complex, or condo board.

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