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Record Company in Miami


Miami is a great place for music. You will find both Latin music, brought over by Cuban immigrants since the 1950s as well as a lot of hip hop and rap music, generally classified as Dirty South music. There are a number of record companies in Miami that produce the Dirty South style of music. One of them is a new kid on the block, but is sure to do well in the coming years. This record company in Miami is FUP Mob Entertainment.

FUP Mob Entertainment was founded by a rapper and hip hop artists named Reality Laster. Laster got his start doing self-released albums in the late nineties. He then spend the next decade making contacts and building up his wealth by doing a number of high profile collaborations with other members of the hip hop world. With the money he saved he was able to start up FUP Mob Entertainment, a record company in Miami that is looking to start the next decade on a high note.

FUP Mob Entertainmenthas recently signed a distribution deal the Universal for the first of Reality Laster’s label releases. His first album will be coming out shortly and is called Remember My Name. FUP Mob Entertainment is set to release one more of Reality Laster’s albums in the near future and is also looking to release the work of other Dirty South hip hop artists. What is great about this new record company in Miami is that is it willing to work in so many different mediums. They are harnessing the power of internet marketing with a vengeance and are already doing pre-sales of the one of the singles from the album, as well as selling a huge variety of merchandise on their website. This record company in Miami looks as though they are willing to do what it takes to be successful.

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