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Trade Show Booth Rental – A Smart Option


When it comes to trade show booths – to rent or not to rent -that is the question that can perplex many an exhibitor.

The industry rule of thumb is that if you’re going to use the same trade show exhibit three times, you should purchase it instead of renting. But, if you only want a trade show booth for a one or two time trade show appearance, renting is often the best way to go.

For companies that have the choice of renting vs. buying a trade show exhibit, there are many solid and sound reasons to rent a trade show exhibit rather than making a purchase of a trade show display.

According to Candy Adams, a San Diego-based independent exhibit-management consultant, trainer, speaker and writer known as The Booth Mom®, there are compelling reasons why companies rent trade show exhibits, such as:

Lack of capital budget to replace or refurbish outdated exhibit properties.

First-time exhibitors and start-up companies which aren’t ready to make capital outlays until they’re more financially established. The executives of an IPO often want as few capital assets on their balance sheet as possible.

Companies who want to look larger and more impressive than their capital budget will allow.

Inadequate inventory of trade show exhibit properties to cover conflicting show schedules, i.e. back-to-back or overlapping trade show dates.

Different strategic or vertical market segments where a different look and feel is required.

Size requirements – some trade shows have a smaller trade show booth size requirement to “level the playing field” and some trade shows are based on sponsorship levels where the more you give, the larger trade show booth size allotment you have.

Different trade show booth footprints requiring a larger or smaller trade show exhibit.

A “try before you buy” option before purchasing a used trade show exhibit to be sure it works for you, with a portion of the rental cost being applied to the purchase.

International exhibitors coming to the U.S. rent trade show booths to avoid the overseas shipping charges.

Custom and modular trade show display rentals are about one third the cost of the purchase of a trade show exhibit. And, the options are many. Trade show booth rentals range from elaborate double decker island trade show exhibits occupying many thousands of square feet costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a trade show pop-up exhibit costing a few hundred dollars.

Remember, when you rent you can save money not only on the trade show exhibit rental but also on storage and insurance fees, repair and refurbishment and ultimately disposal fees — and have potential savings in transportation, material handling and installation and dismantle depending on the trade show booth properties you rent.

Renting will save you not only on trade show construction costs but also the expense of warehousing your display after the trade show is over.

Full service trade show exhibit houses offer rental options, plus counsel on whether rental or purchase is the right decision for your specific exhibiting needs–whether you plan to exhibit at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, the Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland, the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Santa Clara Convention Center, the San Jose McEnery Convention Center or other exhibit centers throughout the country or abroad.

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